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Porto, 07.05.01. На ночь глядя (At this time of night)
Теперь просмотр фото стал ещё удобнее!
Просто двигайте ленту в нужном направлении.
Загружена 23.02.2002 01:46 Рубрика «Остальное»
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Сергей Усовик 25 февраля 2002, 00:23:44

а мне понравилась

colibri 23 февраля 2002, 16:41:36

Да я не обижаюсь, но я считал что если мне фотка не понравилась то я могу поставить ей двойку, видимо я ошибался...

OK 23 февраля 2002, 16:37:38

(13) colibri: имхо, "не понимаю" и "непонятно" не основание для плохой оценки:)) так что не обижайтесь на автора...

colibri 23 февраля 2002, 16:29:09

Мне тут автор прислал гневное письмо по поводу моего чугуна. Отвечаю. Я человек тут новый и всех правил не знаю, поэтому свой чугун не комментировал, но если просят, то тогда конечно. Как я понимаю проставляемые оценки - штука сугубо субъективная, поэтому расскажу что мне не понравилось. Во первых я в принципе не понимаю абстракционизм и то что изображено на фото мне непонятно, более того в техническом плане я тоже не заметил ничего интересного - все детали не в фокусе. Но поскольку Вы настаиваете на снятии чугуна, я так и сделаю, дабы не портить Вам настроение.

Aff 23 февраля 2002, 10:53:12

И фотка, и люди - !!!!!!!

Ша.Мэ.Дэ. 23 февраля 2002, 04:07:37

светлая.. :)</br>п.с. Janis, Joplin - хорошо с препинаниями ;)

Bob Black 23 февраля 2002, 02:46:06

The wind was whipping shingle through the windows in the town
A hail of stones across the roof, the slates came raining down
A blade of light upon the spit came sweeping through the roar
With me head inise a barrel and me leg screwed in the floor

Mother pack me bags because I`m off to foreign parts
Don`t ask me where I`m going `cause I`m sure it`s off the charts
I`ll pin your likeness on the wall right buy my sleeping head
I`ll send you cards and letters so you`ll know that I`m not dead

By this time in a week I should be far away from home
Trailing fingers through the phospor or asleep in flowers of foam
From Macao to Acapulco from Havana to Seville
We`ll see monoliths and bridges and the Christ up on the hill

An aria with the Russians at the piano in the bar
With icefloes through the window we raised glasses to the Czar
We squared off on a dockside with a coupled hundred Finns
And we dallied in the `dilly and we stoaked ourselves in gin

Now the only deck I`d want to walk
Are the stalks of corn beneath my feet
And the only sea I want to sail
Is the darkned pond in the scented dusk
Where a kid crouced full of sadness
Lets his boat go drifting out
Into the evening sun

We sailed through constellations and were rutted by the storm
I crumpled under cudgel blows and finally came ashore
I spent the next two years or more just staring at the wall
We went to sea to see the world and what d`you think we saw?

If we turned the table upside down and sailed around the bed
Clamped knives between our teeth and tied bandannas round our heads
With the wainscot our horizon and the ceiling as the sky
You`d not expect that anyone would go and fucking die

At nights we passed the bottle round and drank to our lost friends
We lay alone upon our bunks and prayed that this would end
A wall of moving shadows with rows of swinging keys
We dreamed that whole Leviathans lay rotting in the weeds

There`s a sound that comes from miles away if you lean your head to hear
A ship`s bell rings on board a wreck where the air is still and clear
And up in heaven that means another angel`s got his wings
But all below it signifies is a ship`s gone in the drink

Bob Black 23 февраля 2002, 02:39:07

I said &quot;Mama, he`s crazy and he scares me<br>
But I want him by my side<br>
though he`s wild and he`s bad<br>
and sometimes just plain mad<br>
I need him to keep me satisfied&quot;<br>
I said &quot;Papa, don`t cry cause it`s alright<br>
And I see you in some of his ways<br>
Though he might not give me the life that you wanted<br>
I`ll love him the rest of my days&quot;<br>
Misguided angel hangin` over me<br>
Heart like a Gabriel, pure and white as ivory<br>
Soul like a Lucifer, black and cold like a piece of lead<br>
Misguided angel, love you `til I`m dead<br>
I said &quot;Brother, you speak to me of passion<br>
You said never to settle for nothing less<br>
Well, it`s in the way he walks,<br>
it`s in the way he talks<br>
His smile, his anger and his kisses&quot;<br>
I said &quot;Sister, don`t you understand?<br>
He`s all I ever wanted in a man<br>
I`m tired of sittin` around the T.V. every night<br>
Hoping I`m finding a Mr. Right&quot;<br>
Misguided angel hangin` over me<br>
Heart like a Gabriel, pure and white as ivory<br>
Soul like a Lucifer<br>
Black and cold like a piece of lead<br>
Misguided angel, love you `til I`m dead<br>
He says &quot;Baby, don`t listen to what they say<br>
There comes a time when you have to break away&quot;<br>
He says &quot;Baby there are things we all cling to all our life<br>
It`s time to let them go and become my wife&quot;<br>
Misguided angel hangin` over me<br>
Heart like a Gabriel, pure and white as ivory<br>
Soul like a Lucifer<br>
Black and cold like a piece of lead<br>
Misguided angel, love you `til I`m dead<br>
Cowboy Junkies....

Аноним 23 февраля 2002, 02:08:01

Колтрейн есть, а где Майлз? не уважаешь, или забыл?
А фотка хорошая.

consttt linoleum 23 февраля 2002, 01:47:13

It was in the winter of my fiftieth year
When it hit me
I was really alone
And there wasn’t a hell a lot of time left that I could get
Became more important
Strangely, I became more bookish
And my home and study meant more to me
As I considered the circumstances of my death
I wanted to find a balance between joy and dignity
On my way out
Above all, I didn’t want to take any more shit
Not from anybody

голоса из розетки 23 февраля 2002, 22:57:40

Black hole sun<br>
I`m wait your come :-)<br>

Bob Black 23 февраля 2002, 02:42:41

Let Me In<br>
yeah, all those stars drip down like butter,
and promises are sweet,
we hold out our pans with our hands to catch them.
we eat them up, drink them up, up, up, up

heyyyyyy, let me in.
heyyyyyy, let me in.

I only wish that I could hear you whisper down,
mister fisher moved to a less peculiar ground.
he gathered up his loved ones and he brought them all around
to say goodbye, nice try.

heyyyyyy, let me in. yeah yeah yeah
heyyyyyy, let me in. let me in.

I had a mind to try to stop you. let me in. let me in.
but I`ve got tar on my feet and I can`t see.
all the birds look down and laugh at me.
clumsy, crawling out of my skin.

heyyyyyy, let me in. yeah yeah yeah
heyyyyyy, let me in.
heyyyyyy, let me in. yeah yeah yeah
heyyyyyy, let me in.<br>

petroleum 24 февраля 2002, 20:11:39

глядя на ночь...

Bob Black 23 февраля 2002, 02:36:05

Straight up, motherfucker, no Chaser!!!!!! :)))))))))))

Татьен 23 февраля 2002, 12:48:23


OK 23 февраля 2002, 15:53:06

Strange days have found us / And through their strange hours / We linger alone, / Bodies confused, / Memories misused, / As we run from the day / To a strange night of stone

Shadowtones 23 февраля 2002, 03:05:06

to (7) it`s a white night with a dark moon :)

Геннадий Левин 23 февраля 2002, 02:55:22

Yep, but too many names. I have not time to read it all, sorry. И вообще - это не ночь!

colibri 25 февраля 2002, 06:18:02

После переписки с автором, я кажется понял что главное это не техника и стандартность... А может быть главное это настроение, которое создает работа. Поставлю 4.

petroleum 25 февраля 2002, 12:57:38

(19) colibri: в 6:18 утра вы решили поставить своему настроению отметку 4. вам это не кажется забавным?

colibri 25 февраля 2002, 18:14:57

petroleum, тут время неверное, вероятно временная зона не учитывается, у меня GMT+10 ;-)

Bob Black 25 февраля 2002, 20:02:43

Kostya: I began this morning by writing the long, vituperative note against all this bullshit about scores--even fighting about then. Simply, again, thought: ahhhhhh, Fuck it, as Joyce might have said. Please do not reduce yourself to these concerns. I trust the sincerity of Colibri, and that he simply, or rather genuinely, considers the act of objectifying/quantifying something as evasive as Quality, something normal...as Roxy Music reminds us: &quot;Aint no Biggggg thing...&quot;... but I also suspect that its simply the condition that most folks do not understand the absurdity of all this nonsense. To me, there`s not difference between placing the 2, 3, 4, or 5...all blin...remember Proust: &quot;The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but in seeing with new eyes..&quot;, please dont get upset with this nonsense, Im sure he meant no harm, and along the course of our own navigations, we dont have the luxury to worry about what others cant see, or feel...and so what my beloved friend...people click these goddamn gold-silver-bronze buttons the way most of them great their husbands and wives, with articulated gestures and gestural indifference...its Pavlovian, nothing more...so do not be sad, angry, and well, we must pick our things...remember the great poet/playwright Edward Albee: &quot;I`m not suggesting that the play is without fault; all of my plays are imperfect, I`m rather happy to say-it leaves me something to do. &quot;....:))

frдр 28 мая 2002, 16:18:03


Marina Black 26 февраля 2002, 08:48:40

keep floating ;)))

Marina Black 26 февраля 2002, 08:51:44

еще скажу: за Jethro Tull и Tindersticks, мой младший пожал бы лапу брату по крови linoleumu ;))

murzik 26 февраля 2002, 09:52:06

keep on taking in the night and passing it all to us....

na liji 26 февраля 2002, 13:44:04

King Crimson не забыл,нищтяк получилось ,желаю вам автор выходить в интернет без компьютера.

consttt linoleum 26 февраля 2002, 15:00:20

to all (всем): :)

dzhezz 28 февраля 2002, 03:09:41

прочитала про всех музукантов - штук десять не знаю (штук двадцать от себя б добавила) - вобщем - горячо разделяю!.... Фота тоже добре :)))))))

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