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Spring in Sierra. Forrest spring
Теперь просмотр фото стал ещё удобнее!
Просто двигайте ленту в нужном направлении.
Загружена 08.04.2003 06:56 Рубрика «Природа»
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Reporter_Jane 8 апреля 2003, 20:40:32

Есть только миг между прошлым и будущим...

Lev Berkovich 9 апреля 2003, 04:59:38

(1) snake1.
Ya ponimayu po Russki, prosto dlya menya bystree i udobnee pisat' po Anglissky, kogda Ya ispol'zuyu Anglisskuyu klaviaturu. Vot kak....
And on more serious note - Thanks for the appreciation
(2) Alla,
Starting from the end - both pictures were taken from the small cliff, from above, with pretty big zoom. The original size is 2560x1920 reduced to 672 to satisfy the file size requirements, however, I have an 18" LCD and the picture fits well to the preview frame. I did not realize that it will not.

The red. That what struck me at the first place - the combination of colors - green, red, purple, white - you name them.

I shoot the same scenery a month ago, but with no luck. The weather was so cloudy and everything was so gray and dull. So I was lucky.

Lev Berkovich 14 апреля 2003, 22:31:54

To all the folks who normally provide a constructive criticism...
That is use of borders...

I am looking for the advice and suggestions...

Eventually I will use borders with my pictures. But for know, I think of them as a double edge sward. They can emphasize the picture, hold it together, but it also can easily kill the picture. I am not proficient enough for it. What I do with my pictures is rather proactive. I believe, I might have a good eye and take a decent shot, but I do not "stage" the shot (in a good sense). It is a reaction to the life but not an active search for the shot. And, therefore, I would not know enough of what I really want with a picture to put a border around. It will come, I suppose, but for now, I have so many other issues to deal with - light, overall composition, color balance, etc., and borders are the 35th priority on this list. Though, I might be wrong and I should bump the priority for the use of borders up on my list, should I?

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