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Рубрика «Жанр»

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Теперь просмотр фото стал ещё удобнее!
Просто двигайте ленту в нужном направлении.
Загружена 19.04.2003 19:34 Рубрика «Жанр» Фотоаппарат Sony DSC-F707
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Lev Berkovich 19 апреля 2003, 19:43:06

Request to the viewers - Please take a look to all three photos submitted today. They were meant as the three views to the same extraordinary young character...

Lev Berkovich 19 апреля 2003, 19:46:07


Nota Zu 19 апреля 2003, 23:52:35


Reporter_Jane 20 апреля 2003, 18:37:34

Working hard (by the way, are you a Russian speaking person?).

Lev Berkovich 21 апреля 2003, 02:55:16

(3) nota zu: Thanks
(4) AllaSol: As we were walking down the street, she was collecting all kind of stuff in that box, and than was checking on it every five minutes, as she did not trust me, and I could take it from the box, while she is driving...
(5) Da, ochen'. I hocetsya verit' chto da, vse eshyo, pocle 14 let zhizny za granitzey, prilagaya mnogo usiliy chtoby zagovorith po anglissky na urovne sootvetstvuyushem moyemy intellectual'nomu i, v kakoi to mere, social'nomu statusu. I have touched this issue in some of my previous comments. I am really horrible typer, using Russian keyboard, and it feels akward, due to the lack of practice, to use the Latinitsa. Remember, I came to US in pre-PC time, in 1990, leaving Soviet Union in 1989, when basically nobody has used a computer to communicate, and use of the typewriter had to be registered in KGB or, for the large companies, in so called First Department (do you remember that?)

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