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Рубрика «Город»

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the lack of water Ilford, XP2, 200ASA, Zurich, Letten, Water
Теперь просмотр фото стал ещё удобнее!
Просто двигайте ленту в нужном направлении.
Загружена 01.04.2007 18:30 Рубрика «Город» Фотоаппарат Nikon FМ 10 Теги: Ilford, XP2, 200ASA, Zurich, Letten, Water
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tamunchik 1 апреля 2007, 18:48:08

Die Abspieglung gafaellt mir zehr

Anna Kovaleva 2 апреля 2007, 11:29:27

interesting discovery

Florian P. 2 апреля 2007, 12:34:55

(1) tamunchik: danke tamunchik :-)
(2) MzMz: thanks a lot!
(3) Random Walk: :-))
Information: the shown canal will be cleaned once a year; so they close the water supply for this canal and wait till there is no water inside, then they clean the walls and empty the floor of the canal, which is full of old stuff (bottles, bikes, old tires and so on)

Андрей Миронов II 3 апреля 2007, 13:01:21

I remember Limmat in spring full of water. Is it only this year? Where is it?
I prefer to make it more simmetrical, so a little narrower (because of the shadows on the left).

katarasis 3 апреля 2007, 13:30:27

"Home on the water"! :)
(Do you remember the song of Deep Perple: Smoke on the water?)

Florian P. 4 апреля 2007, 23:46:51

(5) Андрей Миронов II: ah ha, than they do it in larger intervalls, maybe; photo taken at the Bad Letten

(6) Katarasis: yes I know this song :-) may be called "Stairs on the water" too

Vego [O. Volkov] 5 апреля 2007, 01:57:09

Do You know where this water is now? so O know... It came to us!!!!! every spring our city river food all banks of the city beach so it looks very funny :-). besides this construction remembered me japan buildings with roof of the same form

Андрей Миронов II 5 апреля 2007, 10:41:58

(7) Florian P.: Thank you, I remember that place.

Дерьмиона 21 апреля 2007, 15:56:53

I know! They aren't stairs, they're top boards)))

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