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Загружена 06.11.2001 17:13 Рубрика «Остальное»
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Комментарии пользователей

na liji 6 ноября 2001, 17:06:37

Таинственная жизнь вещей.Нрав.

Марк Емельянов 6 ноября 2001, 17:08:49


Larry Korhnak 6 ноября 2001, 17:23:52

... and while I`m in a critical mood, I think this setting is begging for a human form or the hint of a human form.

ЧегеВарыч 6 ноября 2001, 18:25:42

хм..долго уже смотрю..</br> черт побери..щерт побьеры..

ЧегеВарыч 6 ноября 2001, 18:32:08

еще раз пришел ..</br> <i> видать седня правда ..чет у меня с настроением ..эх ..щерт побьеры.. </i>

Igor Al 6 ноября 2001, 22:42:31


Gidronic (Минаев Эдуард) 7 ноября 2001, 00:16:49

Снято настолько грамотно, слов не наберешся. Отлично.

petroleum 7 ноября 2001, 01:06:46


Bob Black 7 ноября 2001, 05:39:50

Larry:...the human form is there!!!!....look at the different fields of focus: phone is in sharp relief, and the exteriors and background are softly out-of focus...shadows...movements...as if someone urgently left....think in film: one does not have to show the people for the viewer to understand people leave an imprint, abandon...the phone itself speaks this...as does the white strewn paper on the floor or the white sheet on the left...think of Ozu`s film: silence, and stains human leaves...I smell the human drama here...placing a person would be overkill...for our imagination invents what we see here: Alexie simply allows it to breathe....slightly sinister moment, but filled with the ache of silence and emptiness--which exists in all of his magnificent work....no actors please...there shadows are stained upon the color...ochen krasivayaaaaaaa! :)

Аноним 7 ноября 2001, 22:24:24


Larry Korhnak 8 ноября 2001, 02:20:50

Call me artistically blind but I don’t see the human form. Sure I see evidence of past human activity, but I want to see the poor, lost, lonely, soul that has been waiting for contact from some sort of world beyond. Actually in truth I like the photo and partly made my comment because I felt like being the “bad cop” that day. Sometimes that helps get the discussion beyond “Gold!” I think it’s useful if done in a manner where people don’t take the comments as personal insults. I think I know Alexey and Bob well enough that they aren’t going to hate me for being critical, and hopefully they know me well enough that I can take what ever they throw back at me with a smile. :-)

Sergey Gordeev (-SerG-) 8 ноября 2001, 03:45:25

Фото - Вечное ожидание звонка (Хичкоковская карточка - смотришь на фото долго и всё ожидаешь, что вот-вот зазвонит). Очень понравилось!

Bob Black 8 ноября 2001, 06:55:28

13: I never hate you Larry for being critical!! :))....frankly, I like the discussion...since most of the time people simple masterbate over their comments...because, i find your &quot;antagonism&quot; refreshing....dont worry, ive too much respect for you as a photographer, and more importantly, as a person, to not appreciate your critical eye......its the problem with these absurd places...no one ones to &quot;talk&quot;, to wrestle, to laught, argue, as if over a beer and pooltable...Ive took &quot;your bait&quot; :)))...because I was hoping to get response from others....I still dont agree ;)))))) (lol, lol, lol)....but dont worry, I adored your comment, because you have the balls to speak...unlike many, who either are limb, or simply spit venon in critisim...and Alexie, also, adores this kind of challenge....problem: internet, not in person...not physical, not soulful, laughter...but please dont worry, youre still keen to question :))...and part of me is the endless questioner--sometimes i like challenging what is said ;))))....its the jesuit in me i guess.....by the way, youre not artistically blind for not seeing human form...just different eyes....we all see shadows differently ;)))))))

Максим Зеленский 8 ноября 2001, 09:34:07

Нет, не дзиииин... Дзен.

Solmaz 9 ноября 2001, 00:49:23

Лешка! хочу видеть остальное :)

Лева 9 ноября 2001, 19:13:16

nra :))

JULIA Komissaroff 13 ноября 2001, 00:14:30


Алексей Лебединский 14 ноября 2001, 03:21:52


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