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End of the line
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Загружена 01.10.2000 00:44 Рубрика «Природа»
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Mas 1 октября 2000, 01:00:14

Анна Каренина по-американски :-)

Larry Korhnak 1 октября 2000, 01:23:36

To Mas: :-) The gator has not the luxury of being troubled by love. Perhaps this is why gators do not commit suicide?

DocD 1 октября 2000, 01:58:00

End of the life (lizard`s life) :-)

Аноним 1 октября 2000, 02:56:46

Nice, also I personally would prefer sharper foreground. It does not add really to the picture, but this is my personal preference. But you didn`t have tilt lens, did you? ;-)

Аноним 1 октября 2000, 06:35:00

The nature is stronger than scientific-technical progress... :) Alligators are winners! (It is alligator. Isn`t it?)

Иван Пахомов 1 октября 2000, 07:59:09

I want to America! 8-)

Sergey SHP 1 октября 2000, 09:44:33

Very nice!

Давид Толпин 1 октября 2000, 10:43:05

Well, the picture is nice. Among those easily forgotten.
Close your eyes and nothing is left. A good shot is one
that must be viewed with eyes closed.

Давид Толпин 1 октября 2000, 11:12:59

Just one more comment. The gator looks artificial, both
outlook and position, and its role in the picure. The picture
would be much better without the gator, the beast should
be imagined by the observer, not seen by him/her.

Аноним 1 октября 2000, 18:31:11

Hey Larry! "Custom service" would be better name for CIS :) to (5) From very first sight I thought the same. But with blured background you couldn`t detect the water. So... *****

Larry Korhnak 1 октября 2000, 19:31:41

This was shot with a 200 mm . The gator would not let me get any closer for using a smaller lens. I had the camera on the tripod and gave it as much DOF as I could. To 9: obviously I do not have as much imagination as you! :-) Thanks for all comments,

- 1 октября 2000, 22:32:54

Larry, would you tell me where you made this gator series? Just in order to avoid being in the end of "this" line. I was going to visit FL on X-mas this year, but at this point I`m thinking of trveling to YellowStone.

Олег Хромов 2 октября 2000, 12:28:57

I`de like it was larger. But I like it. 5.

Workstation 29 января 2001, 21:58:37

to 9: it depends on a persone. i memorized this pic at once.

Аноним 7 марта 2001, 21:51:22

Не по русски, как-то...

YAGU 19 января 2004, 23:25:14


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