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Bird Bath
Теперь просмотр фото стал ещё удобнее!
Просто двигайте ленту в нужном направлении.
Загружена 09.02.2001 04:05 Рубрика «Остальное»
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Комментарии пользователей

К Р И Т И K 9 февраля 2001, 04:25:14

unhealthy mockery...

Viktor Genel 9 февраля 2001, 04:32:22

Larry, I guess you need to explain it a little bit more. <br>
Not many folks here know what the corn dance is in the first place.<br>
Without knowing, I cannot even recognize some things. <br>
Are there red plastic forks, sticking out of &quot;Campbel soup&quot; cans?
And what is that brown stuff at the bottom?

Larry Korhnak 9 февраля 2001, 04:45:35

(2)Victor, if I have to explain it then I have failed my job as a photographer and should be given pig-iron. However, I will wait awhile and then give in words what I failed to do with the light language.

Е. Сафьян 9 февраля 2001, 05:02:06

Larry, stop torturing poor chicken! Eat it! :0)

Strelok 9 февраля 2001, 05:08:59

Hi, Larry! I like this one better than the one before :-), though they become two totally different pictures separately. I, myself am not posting tonight even though have good images and one great one ;-). I`m not happy with all the BS on Sight, and the administration does not respond to my questions as to when it will be over. I hope it`s over soon.....

Orbenin 9 февраля 2001, 05:27:09

Larry, is this you valentine? :) The color looks similar. Strelok, don`t think -- just post! Panem et circenses! Хлеба и зрелищ!

Аноним 9 февраля 2001, 05:36:12

Come on, Larry, that`s definitely not your fault.
I honestly haven`t ever seen a bird bath before/in Russia/, it`s more like &quot;sweet american artefact&quot;.

Picture does make sense.

Where did you make this &quot;bird bath&quot;?

Larry Korhnak 9 февраля 2001, 05:36:51

(4) yes, probably only way to save this one (5) Seems like there is less BS here than else where, but maybe only because I can not read Russian. But the pictures speak for themselves (6) It is a good thing I have nice wife, otherwise this would be the only chic I could get :-)

Larry Korhnak 9 февраля 2001, 05:39:18

(7) There are no bird bath in Russia??? Is the country full of dirty birds???? The photo was made in my barn.

Strelok 9 февраля 2001, 05:41:19

6: As soon as they fix their frigging rating system - I`ll post!
8: Larry, by BS I meant rating ystem problems and other glitches in the system. Other than that it is ok here.

Женя Ч. 9 февраля 2001, 05:46:24

OK, all those comments are intriguing, so could someone please explain what ARE &quot;corn dance&quot; and &quot;bird bath&quot;? :-) Are these phrases actually idioms of some kind? Or some cultural or agricultural traditions?

Аноним 9 февраля 2001, 06:01:55

Picture does make sense but I`d agree with Петр Чугунов and call it somewhere from crucial &quot;disgusting&quot; to loyal &quot;unattractive&quot;. Blood`s color is very weird... Well, I don`t think I ever checked chicken blood, though, so you can ignore this comment;) I do like the light.

As regard to your question... No, not really dirty;) We have puddles for this purpose.

Igor Kiselev 9 февраля 2001, 06:18:06

Hi. Larry, have you switched from nature birds to commercial ones?:) I prefer your outdoor stuff to colored.:) But this one takes attention. Nice lighting, digitizing, but I failed to decipher:)<TR>
PS: What kind of scanner used?

Leonid Dombrovsky 9 февраля 2001, 06:25:18

Класс! 5.

Tolmach 9 февраля 2001, 09:20:45

Larry, I`m afraid this is the case when people either get it, or they don`t. Any explanation is obsolete. Take it as a compliment. I`d even say the picture reminds me of Dali`s style, and more than the previous one which I liked as much.

Larry Korhnak 9 февраля 2001, 14:16:09

(15)Eugeny, Благодарность за вашу работу для обеспечения перевода. Очень хороший из Вас!

Larry Korhnak 9 февраля 2001, 14:23:32

(13) Igor, this bird easier to keep in focus. Film is 6x6 velvia scanned with minolta dimage scan multi. I hear that nikon is bringing out 3 new scanners this summer. DPI and dynamic range are going up, price coming down a bit.

Larry Korhnak 9 февраля 2001, 14:29:26

(16) Сергей Горелик, if Dali did this then we would for sure see unhealthy mockery :-)

Crio 9 февраля 2001, 23:11:12

OK, Larry, cans (with forks as a hands) are dancing some kind of group dance and poor chicken is a main perfomer but<br> 1) why did you put in a hand with corn in left upper corner? <br>2) well, did you have a special kind of dance in mind?(&quot;corn dance&quot;?) If yes, please tell something about it.<p>
(15) Евгений, &quot;очень хороший из Вас!&quot; очень точно выражает качество вашей работы. :) Думаю, воспользоваться online переводчиком могут все, вряд ли стоило постить результаты этого &quot;перевода&quot; без правки...

Яков Крут 9 февраля 2001, 23:15:03

Larry, I do understand the color of corn, but do not accept the border. Sorry, looks disgusting IMHO.

Larry Korhnak 9 февраля 2001, 23:44:46

(20) Maybe deep down Петр Чугунов is correct. But on the surface this is simply the corn path. Corn fed to chickens, chickens killed and fed to man, chicken goes through the intestine to come out as shit (actually chicken liver in this case). Soup cans universal symbol of pop art so you know not to take this too seriously. :-) The translator is down so I don`t know what you said to 15. Hopefully it was nice.

Larry Korhnak 9 февраля 2001, 23:47:57

(21) Disgusting? Seems better to keep the border and crop the insides :-)

John Low VIII 10 февраля 2001, 01:27:13

is there a pop-art without Campbells?

Larry Korhnak 10 февраля 2001, 05:20:34

(24) No, I don`t think so.

Яков Крут 10 февраля 2001, 21:33:21

(23) And keep it white (or black :) But I realy like photo.

Синёв 17 апреля 2001, 09:25:02

Высокая техника,- Убогая фантазия!

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