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Рубрика «Путешествия»

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Fog Delays
Теперь просмотр фото стал ещё удобнее!
Просто двигайте ленту в нужном направлении.
Загружена 24.02.2001 04:22 Рубрика «Путешествия»
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LSD 24 февраля 2001, 04:54:48

I like your fog..., very beautifully also touches soul. Sorry for my English :((

Crio 24 февраля 2001, 05:02:16

Hmmm, somehow I could not find neither Delta nor American Airlines logos on the wings. How come? :)))

Strelok 24 февраля 2001, 07:26:54

A truly great pic! It really touched me. You will find my very best above this one... If it looks too dark, please adjust settings on your monitor. I hope it touches you at least as much as this pic touched me....

Аноним 24 февраля 2001, 08:04:07

The picture is amazingly good.....almost unreal.... I`m not so sure about the white frame though....I`d say it really doesn`t fit here.... So 4.5.....
BTW....where did you find those guys? :-)

COBa 24 февраля 2001, 08:09:59


Аноним 24 февраля 2001, 09:11:14

Think first, then shoot. right?

Игорь Раэм 24 февраля 2001, 10:02:52

Incredible! Looks like a piece of Oriental painting. And the frame is OK, I think.

Sergey SHP 24 февраля 2001, 11:26:56


Vdrag 24 февраля 2001, 11:31:20


Саша Зарудь 24 февраля 2001, 14:37:48

My English is not so good to express, how much I am delighted this wors. Gold.

Nikolay Chigirev 24 февраля 2001, 16:12:20

Larry, when you are giving your 4.5 or less it would be nice if you say a few words ....why ?? You are here long time and should know this. Sorry? but I thought better about you................

Cheshire Cat 24 февраля 2001, 18:53:32

I defenitely like it. Very sensitive.

Strelok 24 февраля 2001, 21:34:18

Larry, 12: I believe #12 meant "don`t have to", not "must not" :-))))??? We don`t want to be left completely without your comments :-))))
12: Дима, Authors are touchy in general, if they feel their work. It`s got nothing to do with their origin. You`ve been here a long time, you should know.

Nikolay Chigirev 24 февраля 2001, 23:07:32

(12) Дима Зверев: Вы с Лари чем-то похожи в этом плане :-)) ........поэтому не удивляюсь Вашему Единству...... <br>К стати, мне почти все работы Лари очень нравятся.....поэтому и ставлю, в основном, пятёрки.<br> Я спорю с Лари и с тобой из-за комментов, т.к. мне не безразлично мнние Авторов которых я сам очень уважаю и знаю относительно долго. <br>На любые оценки неизвестных мне авторов.........практически не реагирую............<br>А тебе разве безразлично мнение твоих знакомых..... ???

Larry Korhnak 25 февраля 2001, 07:12:54

Nikolay, I think it was you who recently said the voting at Sight didn’t mean anything, so why try to explain it? However, I don’t think you really meant it, but in any case I don’t agree. I will say the obvious; that the voting varies from person to person, and even the same person (being human) will have voting that is inconsistent. Of course my excuse for not saying too much at Sight is I don’t know the language. Other excuses are that I’m lazy and have other things to do. But often the real reason is that I am not good enough photographer to be able justify my vote in a constructive and intelligent manner (in any language). However, in general a 3 is an average shot for me. A 4 shows something special from the photographer, and a 5 is a professional work of art for that category. In general the voting at Sight is inflated. This includes marks to my own works, and often marks I give to other works. I like the new 4.5 and 3.5 marks as they allow me to say that the 5 is some of the best work I have seen, the 4.5 is a great work, the 4 is a special work, and the 3.5 shows some effort/thought behind the camera. So please don’t take offence at my vote or lack of comment. It’s just the opinion of one little amateur. I really like Sight and will do what little I can to make it fun, interesting and a growing experience.

Larry Korhnak 25 февраля 2001, 07:14:52

(15) the translator has you talking about chests????

Hamo 25 февраля 2001, 12:17:49

... - Свободная стая !... <br> Жалко, что Larry этого не поймет :)

Hamo 25 февраля 2001, 12:21:59

One more great picture, thanx !
One thing I don`t understand: what you were doing before ?? :)

Larry Korhnak 25 февраля 2001, 15:12:17

(18)... - Free flight!...
It is a pity, that Larry it will not understand:) Understand what? (19) Before what?

Hamo 25 февраля 2001, 22:59:35

(20) Larry Korhnak: This is phrase from one of the best soviet cartoons. I meant - you`ll not understand my associations, because you haven`t seen that cartoon :((

Hamo 25 февраля 2001, 23:02:45

(20) Larry Korhnak: What you were sending before ? :)

Crio 26 февраля 2001, 19:46:10

(18) Hmayak Ghazaryan: what are you referring to, I wonder? I could think only about &quot;Maugli&quot; (&quot;The Book of Jungle&quot;), but i do not see any link...

(17) Larry Korhnak: That was your name, misspelled a bit, with only one &quot;r&quot; :))).

Hamo 27 февраля 2001, 06:03:05

(23) Crio, птица с раскрытыми крыл`ями мне напомнила вожака, обращающегося к своей стае.

Nikolay Chigirev 27 февраля 2001, 08:52:12

(17) Larry, Looks like we have a different concepts<br> ............... but no one can say your concept is wrong.

Marink79 5 марта 2001, 05:31:03

Well , very touchy .
Fog as if wraps you around ....
There is a very beautiful camea in Hermitage - never exposed , but its image I found in a small album ....
Very erotic one , named Leda and The Swan , where Zeus half-embraces fighting Leda ....
Pose of this bird reminds me that camea , and somehow brings hint of intimacy into it :-)

Leonid Dombrovsky 9 марта 2001, 14:47:03

Замечательно! 5.

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