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X-Ray of Vain Beauty
Теперь просмотр фото стал ещё удобнее!
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Загружена 01.03.2001 14:24 Рубрика «Остальное»
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Tolmach 1 марта 2001, 14:33:03

Let me dare take a wild guess on the `stuff`: an inflated plastic bag? Nicely done any way.

Аноним 1 марта 2001, 15:14:39

Великолепно! Захватывающая работа! Но третьего измерения, мне кажется, не хватает в масштабе глубины. В тоже время существует несоответствие между откровенным изображением руки и остальной отвязной абстракцией.

Beholder 1 марта 2001, 18:59:29

Larry, it looks very interesting,I wonder, what was it in the real life. I wish, I knew how you`ve done it.

Larry Korhnak 2 марта 2001, 03:08:16

(2) There are no photos linked to your name. ???

Аноним 2 марта 2001, 07:19:32

http://www.sight.ru/pix/620010301_000151_sergey-gordeev - this one got 4.5 from you. In this scale your work is 4. Nice work, Larry ;-)

Аноним 2 марта 2001, 07:20:20

oops you got my gold by mistake.

SiCfun 2 марта 2001, 08:39:14

I don`t know what the hell do you mean by "stuff" ;)) Looks like a giant strawberry is being created right from the God`s uterus (pardon, his wife). But I like the idea. Still, my grade is 4. I think the main subjet`s got to be off-center. I could be wrong though... Hard to say what`s going on in your mind (all those chicken and stuff... :))))

Larry Korhnak 2 марта 2001, 14:51:19

(7) Yes, I deserve 4 but often get gold by mistake :-) (8) Stuff is blue plastic wrap, different shaving creams, lock and chain, beef heart, my hand. Does that explain my mind better? :-)

Аноним 2 марта 2001, 21:24:17

I like the colors but not particularly the composition. The idea is quite obscure - I don`t get it. I agree with (7) and, of course, with you, the grade should be 4. So here is my 3 to compensate for rgb`s mistake.

Larry Korhnak 3 марта 2001, 00:26:47

I am really impressed with the programers at Sight! They have written code that makes comments and fixes bad votes. What wonderful surprises await us?

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