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Рубрика «Природа»

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Загружена 14.04.2001 16:49 Рубрика «Природа»
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артём чернов 14 апреля 2001, 17:16:16

Is Korhnak=Rublyov in english? ;)

Аноним 14 апреля 2001, 17:52:35

Kornak is Dollaroff in English (Or Poundoff) :-))))

Larry Korhnak 14 апреля 2001, 18:24:06

(2, 3) goldoff :-)

Sergey SHP 14 апреля 2001, 19:36:31


Аноним 14 апреля 2001, 21:11:57


SiCfun 14 апреля 2001, 21:51:45

Looks like it was made in the morning. Am I right? Had you shot it somewhat ten minutes earlier the picture would have turned out to be much better. In my humble opinion... :<)

Bob Black 14 апреля 2001, 22:02:29

Larry: i think it is a beautiful easter present...and dont entirely agree with #7, simply because of the context of Easter. I think if had been filled with more shadows or more subtle light (as in early morning or during the golden hour at evening), it would not have been as potent in relationship to Easter...here is example where &quot;beauty&quot; might not necessary grant a more beautiful photograph. I think the tree is magnificient, and the light perfect for the image, and is illumination, as it fills entire tree....and especially the distance of the field of view (rather then a closer shot, etc). I think it is a terrific photo, and quite soft, beautiful Easter present to us all...spacibo :)

Gantenbein 14 апреля 2001, 23:10:44

Great idea, but I find colors quite dull (especially for Velvia. It has such a saturated colors, but they don`t show up in this picture).

Андрей Жуков 14 апреля 2001, 23:46:23

Cadr from &quot;Gone with the wind&quot; film ?

Bob Black 15 апреля 2001, 01:45:56

Larry, the more i look at it (now from 3 different computers and 3 different monitors), the more i think it is absolutely, simple, sustained beauty...i would write more, but, well, let the image speak for itself, and what a difference monitors make: i want simply to say: as gentle vision, and transcendent generosity: it is quiet beauty :).....horoshow...indeed!

Михаил А. 22 августа 2001, 11:11:30

Три тополя на Плющихе. =о)

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