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Sunny Side Up
Теперь просмотр фото стал ещё удобнее!
Просто двигайте ленту в нужном направлении.
Загружена 04.05.2001 20:55 Рубрика «Остальное»
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SiCfun 5 мая 2001, 00:09:16

Larry, be careful. The chicken gods are watching you...

Larry Korhnak 5 мая 2001, 01:36:13

(1) OK, more corn under the bed. Sorry for the double posting, but I think something was wrong with the server when I did this. I don`t know how to delete and I think I`m at the wrong computer anyway.

Е. Сафьян 5 мая 2001, 08:25:24

Hello Larry, Luba says hi... :0)

Olguna 5 мая 2001, 09:33:39

pure chiken/..

Larry Korhnak 5 мая 2001, 17:19:07

(3) Eugene I`ve seen Luba`s cow, car, and house. But where is Luba? Is she a shy beauty?

Bob Black 6 мая 2001, 00:38:15

Mr. K :)...though i tend not to respond to immediacy of pop venacular (how`s that for chicken pellets under the bed ;) )...i simply have happy with your pursuit...:)....hurray for the desire to inflict and conflict, especially with yourself...:)...immediately, instead, thinking of image with Mrs. K holding in hand....that would be a becon in itself...radiant and all...for still: I simply smile, because, well...your filling yourself, and viewers, with mixed dressings...and color...and the unexpectant...even if the unexpectant is not as long lasting...so, i give you radiant gold...or Сияющий красный (radiant red, but the alliteration doesnt hold in russian) :)!

2488 9 июня 2001, 16:37:37

What is the way to scan an egg? I don`t try to repeat, just wander.

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