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Рубрика «Путешествия»

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Flamingos during mating season.
Теперь просмотр фото стал ещё удобнее!
Просто двигайте ленту в нужном направлении.
Загружена 21.05.2001 06:05 Рубрика «Путешествия»
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2488 9 июня 2001, 16:28:48

Some people live and have fun! Shoot pink ostrich(e)s... And we here see nothing but vulgar white bears walking along the streets... Tired of them!

Аноним 21 мая 2001, 06:31:59

are they also sugar-coated? What happened to the flamingo fourth in a row? sun-stroke?

SiCfun 21 мая 2001, 07:04:52

pink chicken

Larry Korhnak 21 мая 2001, 07:14:28

(1) California Dream: Flamingos #4 & 5 have moved from seduction to passion. :-)

Георгий Розов/www.rozov.ru 21 мая 2001, 09:53:56

Ларри? Они живые? Очень похоже на макет построенный на природе. Птицы словно из пластмассы. Fine! Good! Grait! It is all english i now!

Паша Дибров 21 мая 2001, 10:28:54

They are not real ones, right?

Anry V. 21 мая 2001, 10:54:50

Тпа конечно круто, только не хрена не понятно

kobian 21 мая 2001, 10:56:38

"Well... They are flocking THIS way!" (Jurassic Park)

Workstation 21 мая 2001, 11:44:20


samana 21 мая 2001, 13:42:10

Flamingassic park ? :-)

Larry Korhnak 21 мая 2001, 14:54:02

(4) Георгий Розов: Это - все англичане, которых Вы должны делать комментарии относительно моих фотографий. :-)
(5)Паша Дибров: Of course the birds are real; look how successful their mating activities have been! But they only move when you are not looking.
(6)Chuvakk: хрена=bullshit?
(7) kobian, if you see these these birds moving toward you, then you need to get the flock out of that place. :-)

Workstation 21 мая 2001, 16:57:48

Larry, your sense of humour is quite good. :)) (6) says smth like: it`s cool, of course, but what`s the hell going on? :) ... it remains only to take a shot of a mating scene, where everyone could belive, that they are live true. ;)

Workstation 21 мая 2001, 16:58:21

=live AND true

Larry Korhnak 21 мая 2001, 19:17:33

(11) Thanks Natalia. The translator said хрена= horse-radish. Horse-radish is an old polite way of saying bullshit. But nobody is polite any more and you rarely hear the term used.

Workstation 21 мая 2001, 20:57:35

хрен - is indeed horse-radish. but this term is just euphemism of the word so far has been translated as "pennis", since these two are relatively close in pronunciation. using "хрен" to euphonize is quite common. anyway, thanx for the nice shot! it induced so many questions and possible interpretations! :)

Hamo 23 мая 2001, 10:19:45

Larry, still making fun on ppl ? ;)
2 from me, it`s not a photo, agree ? :)

Larry Korhnak 23 мая 2001, 14:37:48

(16) Hmayak: I used a black box with glass window and inside was some celloid coated with silver. Therefore, I think most would agree that this image is a "photo". If I`m not having fun, why would I be doing this? Are you having fun? :-)

Петр Захаров 24 мая 2001, 21:00:49


Crio 28 мая 2001, 22:24:30

Larry, how did you do THIS?! 3D redrering?

Larry Korhnak 29 мая 2001, 00:09:25

(19) Crio, I did not "do" this! It`s a straight shot. This in front of a plant nursery in Austin, Texas. The owners are from Califorina :-) .

Брат Фёдор 26 ноября 2001, 07:12:28

Where did u got so much of crazy shugar flamingos? And where is their cricket clubs?
Ну не знаю я, не знаю, как Льюис Кэррол по английски пишется =((

Dana 6 февраля 2002, 16:11:18

you really fooled me around, when I was looking on the thumbnail :)

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