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Saturday morning
Теперь просмотр фото стал ещё удобнее!
Просто двигайте ленту в нужном направлении.
Загружена 30.05.2001 03:38 Рубрика «Остальное»
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Аноним 14 июня 2001, 16:47:42


Larry Korhnak 30 мая 2001, 03:39:50

In the USA, especially on Saturday morning, many children are captured by the television and their childhood is wasted watching irrational animation (cartoons) and capitalist propaganda (commercials). I also suffered this fate. Just think, I could have spent the time learning Russian or something :-) . Do Russian children also suffer this “problem?”

Хуан Чо 30 мая 2001, 04:22:41

Russian children заражены телепузиками, которых завезли буржуи диверсанты из пораженной ящуром и отупевшей в конец Британии. На этой фотографии очередная жертва, этого страшнейшего вируса! Смотрите! любуйтесь, что ждет человечество, а СПИД покажется невинным прыщиком на заднице!

Larry Korhnak 30 мая 2001, 04:29:43

(2) Хуан Чо: Как ужасный! Ситуация худшая чем, я думал!

Чижик-Пыжик 30 мая 2001, 04:33:56

Во проблему подняли :))))))

Igor Kiselev 30 мая 2001, 05:02:31

Ups. Tech is just nice, but meaning isn`t so clear :)

Bob Black 30 мая 2001, 05:20:47

Hmmmm...Mr. K...;)...well, im not certain about your commentary (life of children should/is gloriously irrational, though i agree about cartoon saturation, though I also adore my cartoons--and the capitalist propoganda, well, adults always fill their children with nonsense, regardless of ideology)....children suffer at the behest of their family, regardless of which bone-twitch theyve been indoctrinated by...;) that said ;)...I like the proximity of this doll`s to "blow-up" dolls, found in certain shops of blue-repute, as constitutional malaise...and actually, i prefer this work, to similar stuff by Cindy Sherman (her last period) with dolls and mutilation...though in general, simply: im glad your as beautifully depraved as ever...just ditch the commentary ;)...you still have my attention...deeply! ochin...

Bob Black 30 мая 2001, 06:11:55

Mr. K: i`ll write you directly about comments...for simply, as the image, i definitely celebrate it (and your endless collection of dolls/toys ;)...photo is larger then Kitsch (the swivel turn which characters, to my mind, like Koons simply dont get, but Sherman does, without your deeply rich humour)...so DA!! to photo, NYET to prologue comments...but, im also blubbery myself often ;)

Strelok 30 мая 2001, 06:50:42

Good Morning, Larry! Did You sleep well? ;-)

Larry Korhnak 30 мая 2001, 07:02:59

(7) Heheheh. Oh Bob, I think my satirical comments about cartoons hit a sore point! I now know what you do on Saturday mornings. However, the question about Russian kids was real. I appreciate Хуан Чо`s answer, but … well… I looked at his photos and I want a 2nd opinion :-).

Edward 30 мая 2001, 07:05:21

It is Saturday morning, Larry! And also your sence of humor has been change a lot since you get more and more information about us, russians, posting pictures and having conversation on this site. God bless it, god bless you and your imagination.

Bob Black 30 мая 2001, 08:25:42

Hey Larry !...well, yea, you got me red (blue?) handed ;)...the saturday morning thing: I do confess to such subtrefuge with my morning coffee and cigarette ;)...as for Хуан Чо`s reply, it left me confused frankly, and I cannot speak of "russian children"...only that even conversations of "american" vs. "russian" leaves me quite cold...silly masterbation (and I prefer mine after some wine, or in the morning, preferably saturday ;). As for his photos: absolutely! Theyre insane...and I love their insane: harsh, odd, weird, bizarre (a bit too design-oriented for my taste), but absolutely brillantly mad. I concur with you your reaction: absolutely positively worthwhile...and beautifully deranged!!! As for you, and this image, you know how i stand: my tophat is tipped: i love your constant provocation and humour, and madness, absolutely (you know this :) ). I agree with Edward, and bless you thrice (well at least deux, as Im not an ordained anything). ...you might ask Marina about russian kids, etc, but i tend to think that bone-deep similarity knows now bounds: we`re all equally perverted by the world above/around, and magically transformed by it...i never worry about children...but the adults around them...Pokimon is in Moskva, but then again Mayakovsky, Tsvetaeva, Babel, Anna Pavlova, Brodsky, etc were children haunted by the same...I simply use you, my friend, as example: you turned out pretty damn beautifully (and freaky) for all your cartoons (and i hope me too ;) )...so...keep it up...many some one young will see and taste the deep riches in much of the work here....you know, in truth, im not much for dialectics over pictures, so simply: i adore, again, your madness, period....it enriches....as did those cartoons ;) cheers! :)))))

Bob Black 30 мая 2001, 08:27:17

and I say again: your work, here, is better then Cindy Sherman`s playing with dolls! Pravda! :)

Игорь Раэм 30 мая 2001, 12:18:48

Well. the problem does exist to a certain extent. Of course, it is better to be engaged in something more creative than watching TV. However, other occupatons can be even more irrational (I do not mean visiting sight.ru :) ). After all, everyone fights with boredom in his (or her :) ) own way.

Аноним 6 июня 2001, 06:41:33

Cool doll, Larry, where did you get it, definitely a good taste. I want one too!:)

Hamo 6 июня 2001, 08:13:12


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