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The Sniper
Теперь просмотр фото стал ещё удобнее!
Просто двигайте ленту в нужном направлении.
Загружена 26.07.2001 05:13 Рубрика «Юмор»
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Strelok 26 июля 2001, 05:47:50

Enemy at the Gate is just about as historically accurate as any american made movie. The guy existed. I`m doubtful about the other charachters and the sleazy &quot;Love in the dirt&quot; story they put in there, but the Sniper existed all right. He made it through the war and died of old age.<br>

Back to photography. Was your neighbor ok? Her face, I mean... This rifle looks even older than my guns... ;-)))

Ираклий Шанидзе 26 июля 2001, 06:49:58

ух ты! вся голова в перьях! а кино навеное такое же правдивое, как гладиатор или бен гур. мне кажется, &quot;марс атакует&quot; и то более правдивое кино.

Larry Korhnak 26 июля 2001, 07:31:47

(1) Shooter: She’s Ok but I think I put too much gun powder in the flash pan. Anyway most of the black is gone now. Too bad about Hollywood, but they need the “love in the dirt” stuff for people like me. :-) Actually this gun (not mine) was used in the movie &quot; the last of the Mohicans&quot;
(2) Ираклий Шанидзе: BTW Я только вернулся от Марса :-)
(3) Oksana: Long before this :-)

karibu 26 июля 2001, 08:49:28

Я и не знал, что бывают снайпера из огнеметов :-)

Аноним 26 июля 2001, 08:49:49


Сергей Кузнецов1 26 июля 2001, 09:23:05

Very nice shot! 5.

Николай Тушканов 26 июля 2001, 12:20:33

Antique bi-directional flame thrower?

Диана 26 июля 2001, 13:52:59

Вас так прикольно читать через http://www.translate.ru . ;)))

Larry Korhnak 26 июля 2001, 14:55:23

(9)кошечка: Переводчик не знает слово &quot;прикольно&quot;. ?

Workstation 26 июля 2001, 15:20:08

i hope, she was not wounded, or?

Аноним 26 июля 2001, 17:11:08

I think, there is no historicaly accurate &quot;historical&quot; films, because of either policy, or commerce, or both...:-((
5, anyway :-))

Anatoly Maltsev 26 июля 2001, 18:28:00


Алексей Тихонов 26 июля 2001, 18:30:27

ha. now I know how real pipe looks like

Хуан Чо 26 июля 2001, 21:47:02


Hamo 26 июля 2001, 23:30:50

Does she survive after ? :)

Edward 27 июля 2001, 04:35:42

Nice shot! I mean 2 shots. :)))

2488 27 июля 2001, 19:42:11

Larry, I would dress your neighbour Linda in something historical. Sorts & T-shirt don`t suit to an antique rifle. If only on July 4-th sooting on the streets is permitted, I would wait.

Larry Korhnak 27 июля 2001, 20:01:46

(19) 2488. Yes, as shown this is just a snapshot. To make it art I was going to shoot the gun in the nude :-)

Michael(Миша) Bernadsky 27 июля 2001, 20:24:05

Larry! The move you have mentioned was as far from accurate as any other Hollywood “historical” masterpieces. But… I must to admit it was the closest to the truth out of all American movies about WWII in Soviet Union. Partially, may be, because the director of this movie is from France. Of course, “rules of moviemaking” in Hollywood demand certain things and authors of the “Enemy” had to follow those rules. I am agree with “love made in dirt” (Where else the love could be made?) but this scene in the movie was a bit too long. Also, just want you to know – N.S. Chrushev was NOT a main figure in the Battle for Stalingrad. And soldiers of a Red Army were NOT sent to the Battle for Stalingrad, equipped with one rifle/5 rounds for every 3 men. It could happen some other times and other places, but not there. But, again, move was not so bad from historical point of view.

Larry Korhnak 27 июля 2001, 20:47:10

(21) Bal’shoye spasiba Michael! It`s always special to get this kind of perspective. (too long? If I made love that fast my wife would be the sniper and me the target :-)

Аноним 17 октября 2001, 11:53:02

Explosed rifle?

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