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Рубрика «Животные»

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Загружена 30.09.2001 16:11 Рубрика «Животные»
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Andrash 30 сентября 2001, 18:09:31

very scary... looks like a horror movie poster :-)

Gantenbein 30 сентября 2001, 19:10:15


Хмелевский aka xebec 30 сентября 2001, 22:07:46

i wanna blood more more more more more more more more blood blood blood blood blood blood blood blood blood blood blood ;-P

Larry Korhnak 30 сентября 2001, 23:00:07

(3) xebec ??? ((Da Михаил Максимов, напоминает большой одесский двор :-)

Марк Емельянов 1 октября 2001, 09:50:59

Baby bird destroys baby toy. Or baby bird destroys the whole Barbie-baby world?<br><br>
I`m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world<br>
Life in plastic it`s fantastic!<br>
La-la-la, I`m crazy...<br>
Larry, stop torturing toys! I prefer your landscapes, crocodiles etc, not nasty compositions with dull dolls.

Larry Korhnak 1 октября 2001, 14:24:24

(5) Марк Емельянов: You need to chill out on a bench in the park :-)

Bob Black 1 октября 2001, 17:10:47

WOW!...now that`s the spirit ;)...I for one love Larry`s dolls...aspecially the colision of his dolls with nature (as here) of when Barbie met `Gator......actually one of your most startling compositions larry!...love the collosion of color and variant words (photography) the pop-intensity of the blue and this doll (created/art/man) and the subtlety/reality of this bird---I love the playful derangement and spooky collision...frankly, i thought it was hysterically funny when i saw it yesterday, and that it turned up in my dream last night (truth)--more about that later

Марк Емельянов 1 октября 2001, 18:00:18

(9) Вера: I went crazy, did you here? I need complete relaxation on the bench (see mine, very attractive for went mad)! And the cause of my insanity is (you are right!) - Larry`s dolls.

Марк Емельянов 1 октября 2001, 18:09:43

Oh, yes. I`m complete idiot. No blood at all! Barbie baby will stand up and grow up and become strongest Barbie in the world to protect plastic world. Fledgling will be a high-flier and mysterious wedding of super-princess Barbie and a prince from high life (former fledgling) will finish our fair tale. `Gator will not survive when the united forces of babies&birds will stand against all the enemies of the mysterious world. Went crazy... La-la-la.

Марк Емельянов 1 октября 2001, 18:11:26

(10) Марк Емельянов: &quot;Did you hear?&quot; I mean

Larry Korhnak 1 октября 2001, 18:56:58

(11)Марк: The smile will last all day :-)

Марк Емельянов 1 октября 2001, 20:20:51

(13) Вера: Everything is already Ok. Monday as ususal was a hard day but a great deliverance follows. <br>
(14) Larry Korhnak: Your day. My Monday is almost over. Monday & Friday rules over the world... Well, we shall live till Friday.

Аноним 24 декабря 2001, 02:24:16

CAST IRON to author.

Юрий Скуратовский 22 февраля 2006, 16:51:44

Please dont eat my eyes, hell&apos;s bird!!!

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