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in the name of god
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Загружена 18.04.2002 03:29 Рубрика «Натюрморт»
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Аноним 18 апреля 2002, 03:40:20

Я пришел с миром! (с) :-)

murzik 18 апреля 2002, 04:55:18

wow, larry - the vision of the latest news on sight.ru in your interpretation - yet another revelation for the day

Bob Black 18 апреля 2002, 17:28:04

hmmm. im not sure about what to say. The photo itself is gorgeous and insane (again, i simply adore your deviant frankensteian mind :)) )...but relevant to problems with suicide bombers and god, etc, im troubled (`cause of the barbies, doll heads, etc)...strangely, what the world lacks is humour (its why i adore you), i agree...but, certain juxtapositions are more difficult...so, i`ll simply say, keep your madness and laughter my friend :)), but there`s something too removed about our american safety (although, safety is maybe not the right word either) for us to mock, deride or point out the absurdity...if this makes sense (for dont want to write too much to influence others)...maybe, im not yet able to laugh when mums and 17 year olds blow themself up, or when families are killed on passover or children dying in Jensin camp...the world is fucked,...sorry larry, not judging you, just miserably sad for the world....

Bob Black 18 апреля 2002, 17:36:15

oh, just this Larry. While I agree that the descend into the Dantesque cycle-circle of violence is a tragic absurdity (particular in its human inhumanity commanded by some barberous idea with the silent, gaping god), but it also adds to the incendiary to depict real lives, even real absurdities with dolls (even in humour): it`s too much ironic reduction. Once every moment can be reduced to irony (and yes, it can) we run the risk of vacuity: the abyss: the same spiral which propels what happens in middle east: solopsistic narrowness...it`s easy for me to laugh, `cause my family is near me and alive, and its this acute point which compels me to honor, rather then mock (although i know youre not mocking, dont worry)...so...okay...back to work you go: get some gators, its mating season you know ;))))

Gidronic (Минаев Эдуард) 18 апреля 2002, 20:39:19

Роковая женщина, ничего не скажешь :-))

Larry Korhnak 18 апреля 2002, 20:50:08

3, 4,. It’s not supposed to be humorous. Those who commit these kinds of acts in the name of god have as much soul as a Barbie doll.

Bob Black 18 апреля 2002, 22:38:01

6: larry, i understand, but this kind of reduction (classifying anyone as having soul of barbie (especially without humour) is same thing. They are not soul-less, rather soul-lost, im specifically referring to those suicide bombers, etc...just as most acts, in the name of god, are lost, lost, lost...well, i wasnt judging you, not at all, but the image. It`s reactionary, rather then reflective: same cycle of harm...humble-my opinion. :))

Алдра 19 апреля 2002, 19:42:17

...мы все всего лишь постаревшие дети, что суетятся, перед тем как обрести покой...

Аноним 4 мая 2002, 03:52:15

жизнь прекрасна и удивительна

Аноним 8 мая 2002, 21:58:00

Из мешка на пол
<br>Рассыпались вещи.
<br>И я думаю, что мир -
<br>Это только усмешка,
<br>Что теплится на устах повешенного...
<br> - Ы -
<p>Out of a sack,
<br>The stuff was strewn on the floor.
<br>But it seems to me that the world
<br>Is just a smile
<br>Stiffened on mouth of a hanged man...
<br> -Auktyon-

манука 3 февраля 2004, 16:29:18

простодушный: Хлебников

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